Happy Hollidaze

Twist Dress - Dressily
Velvet Strappy Bra - Zaful

Happy Holidays everyone! Time for family and friends and GIFTS!

Hope you're all done with your Christmas shopping.. It's a madhouse out there 😰😰 I really don't enjoy trying to do anything or get around when it's this time of year. So many people! 

Flame Thrower

Dress Lily - Turtle Neck Crop 
Dress Lily - Denim Button Skirt

Love the Dress Lily website. They've got some really cute and trendy clothing and it's all SO cheap 👌😚

Managed to get out and take some photos before the crazy snowstorm hit today. I've got about a foot and a half of snow to clean off my car.. Probably not going anywhere for a while. Hope everyone is well and drive safe if you live somewhere with snow! ⛄☆


Top - Guess 
Shorts - Badland Apparel

Happy holiday's everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful month 💕💖 I personally cannot wait for it to be over, which sounds kind of depressing.. Working retail is especially hard during this time - please remember to be nice to those around you while you're out shopping. We all get stressed out but no reason to take it out on someone who only wants to help 😭😤 I have some pretty horrifying stories from working retail.. Maybe if enough people ask I'll share them sometime 😘
Check out my last blog post for ways to save some cash this holiday season!!