Ratchet Earrings - Melody Ehsani x Miss KL
Ghetto Jersey - Joyrich
Harness Bra - Chromat
White Lace Tights - Victoria's Secret
Stevie Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Look can be seen in the updated video below:

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  1. Your blue lipstick and eye-makeup look very pretty and your hair look gorgeous. You look fabulous rocking the Joyrich 'Getto' graphic jersey as a dress with the Victoria's Secret thigh-high lace-top white stay-up hosiery!
    I also love your brilliantly made and edited YouTube video and your YouTube channel (I just subscribed). You look amazing - breathtaking - in all of the pretty OOTD's you showcased in your video City Opulence | Melania Plasko - YouTube

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