Victory Lap

I got done with fall classes a week ago, and I've basically been lounging on my couchbed playing video games and sleeping ever since. I awoke today and realized it's been over a month (or longer!?) since I've posted anything on my blog. So here I am! 

The first image was taken in Detroit with my friend Ruby for one of her photography assignments at FIT, and the other two were also taken in the D on different days. 

Funny story. While I was doing the shoot in the last picture, someone broke into my car and jacked all my stuff. Computer, phone, cash, you name it. I drove the 30 minutes back to Ann Arbor with a massive hole in my windshield, and after I got home I didn't know what to do with myself. Not having a computer or phone is bizarre. 
Buuuut, everything is back in order now. I ain't mad.

More soon!


Well hello! I've finally taken the much needed time to give my blog a proper layout.. with clicky buttons! Now you have access to my lookbook, website, facebook, and.... ETSY SHOP!!


So, here you can find a lot of cool shorts that I've distressed, dyed, bleached, studded.. and sewn on different animal prints :) Here are some of my favorite ones:

Be sure to check that out and check back lata for more awesome shorts :) I do custom orders as well so let me knooow. I'll probably be doing some jeans soon.. for fall!

Take your mama out all NIGHT

We did 4 shoots in one fricken day in under 3 hours. BAM! Nothing like gettin to wurkk. I still have 50% of the photos from that day to edit and stuff so those will come soon. soooooon.

Camouflage Ruby

This past week, one of my assignments in a required art class was to choose a natural phenomenon in nature - I chose to do camouflaging animals! The assignment was to re-create the idea and form it into something we understand as artists, so of course, I had to paint my lovely friend Ruby Tanja!
I painted her using acrylic paints (not the best choice, as she had an excruciating time getting paint residue off in my bathtub..), and used a fabric my mom had tucked away somewhere in my house. Overall I think the photos turned out beautiful!

behind the scenes!